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Why Does Ezra Bridger Give His Second Lightsaber to Sabine

Why Does Ezra Bridger Give His Second Lightsaber to Sabine

Ezra Bridger, the rebellious hero of Star Wars Rebels, defies convention throughout his journey. 

His connection to the Force is unconventional, as is his relationship with lightsabers. Unlike traditional Jedi who construct their own blades, Ezra wields two during his time with the Ghost crew. 

But in a surprising turn of events, he relinquishes his second blade, sparking a wave of questions among fans. What happened to Ezra’s 2nd lightsaber, and why did he give it to Sabine Wren?

Lightsabers and Legacy: A Look at Blue Blades

The blade’s color is often symbolic, reflecting the wielder’s connection to the Force. 

Blue, the most common color for Knights, represents serenity, justice, and unwavering faith in the light side.  

Several iconic characters throughout the Star Wars saga have wielded blue lightsabers:

Obi-Wan Kenobi

The wise mentor and Master, Obi-Wan Kenobi’s blue blade was a symbol of hope and defense of the Jedi Order. 

Anakin Skywalker (Before Turning to the Dark Side)

Before succumbing to the Sith, Anakin Skywalker wielded a blue saber, showcasing his potential and connection to the light side.  

Luke Skywalker: 

Following his father’s footsteps, Luke Skywalker constructed a blue lightsaber and embarked on his journey as a Knight. 

These characters and Ezra Bridger demonstrate the various meanings associated with their blades. The blade signifies a commitment to the Jedi ideals, a connection to the light side, and growth potential.

Why Blue Lightsabers Matter

There are several reasons why wielding a blue lightsaber holds significance:

Symbol of the Jedi Order:

They represent the Jedi Order, their values, and their unwavering belief in the Force. Owning and wielding a blue saber signifies a commitment to these ideals and upholding the legacy of the Jedi. 

Hope and Determination: 

This color evokes a sense of calm, serenity, and unwavering resolve. It signifies a dedication to justice and a belief in the power of good to triumph over evil. 

Personal Journey: 

For someone like Ezra Bridger, who doesn’t follow the traditional Jedi path, they represent his personal journey toward the light. It symbolizes his growth, connection to the Force, and commitment to fighting for what he believes in. 

Ezra’s Choice: Trusting in a Friend

So, why did Ezra choose to give up on his second blue saber – a symbol of the Jedi legacy and his own growth – to Sabine Wren? It boils down to a few key factors:

Symbiotic Relationship:

A skilled Mandalorian warrior, Sabine lacked a weapon capable of effectively countering the Darksaber, a powerful black-bladed Mandalorian weapon. With its kyber crystal, Ezra’s saber could potentially be used to create a weapon that could challenge the Darksaber.

Hope for Mandalore: 

The Darksaber symbolized Mandalorian leadership, and Sabine hoped to use a lightsaber purified with a Kyber crystal to unite her people and restore Mandalore. Ezra’s sacrifice, in giving her his saber fuels her determination to achieve this goal.

A Different Path:

By giving up his lightsaber, Ezra might acknowledge that his path may not lie in becoming a traditional Knight. The Force may guide him on a different journey that doesn’t necessarily require a saber. 


Ezra Bridger’s story goes beyond the typical Jedi narrative. His connection to the Force is unique, and his choices reflect his individuality. While the blue lightsaber signifies a commitment to the Jedi ideals, Ezra’s decision to entrust it to Sabine speaks volumes about his character. It represents trust, a belief in Sabine’s potential, and a willingness to forge his own path within the galaxy.  

While Ezra may not wield a saber anymore, the lessons he learned, the connections he forged, and the legacy he leaves behind continue to inspire fans. The blue blade may be passed on, but the fight for hope and justice continues, reminding us that the Force can guide us down unexpected yet meaningful paths. 

For those aspiring to become like these characters with a blue blade, many retailers offer sabers like Ezra Bridger’s second, Luke ROTJ Weathered Saber, and Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to become like them and own a symbol representing love for these characters.